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25 MVC Interview Questions

1 Explain page life cycle of MVC?
2 What is the difference between Webforms and MVC ?
3 What is the difference between Routing and Attribute Routing in MVC?
4 What is the difference between .Keep and .Peek methods in MVC
5 Give  some of the return types of a controller action method ?
6 How you will Handle Exceptions in MVC?
7 How you will Handle Gridview in MVC?
8 What is ViewModel and how you will handle it?
9 What is Partialview and how you will handle it?
10 What are Areas in MVC?
11 how you will handle Cross site scripting in MVC ?
12 how you will handle AntiForgery in MVC ?
13 What is AuthConfig.cs in MVC?
14 What is BundleConfig.cs in MVC?
15 What is FilterConfig.cs in MVC?
16 What is WebApiConfig.cs in MVC?
17 What are Scaffold templates?
18 What are Display Modes in MVC?
19 What are HTML helpers in MVC? Give one Example
20 What is Unobtrusive JavaScript?
21 What are Layouts in MVC and how you will handle it ?
22 What are Data Annotations?
23 What is  the Difference between Html.Partial and Html.RenderPartial ?
24 What are Filters in MVC? ,Is it possible to make custom filter in MVC ?
25 Explian the flow ,how you will make an Ajax call in MVC ?
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